PMPM Chamber Music for the Outer Cape Virtual Music Series

PMPM’s Chamber Music Program began in 2018 to bring music back to the hill. This program celebrates the artisan history and rich culture of our beloved town. Now, in the absence of live, in-person performances, the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum and Chamber Music for the Outer Cape, are bringing you content to enjoy from home! We’re thrilled to provide you with virtual access to these talented individuals, beautiful pieces and this beloved programming. 

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Chamber music is music with an intimate character in which there is one player to a part, each of which is equal in importance to the others. Chamber music is usually written for two to ten players without a conductor. Modern variations of chamber music include classical, jazz, world music, folk music, blues, bluegrass, FADO and a myriad of other types of national and international music. The allure of chamber music is the social pleasure of a small group of people coming together to listen to and perform music.

Chamber music communicates emotions and feelings in a way similar to the give and take in a conversation. The melody may bounce from one instrument to another or be repeated in a variation or be countered by a completely different melody. Both chamber music and communication reflect the full complement of human interaction – repetition, imitation, agreement, disagreement, point, counterpoint, etc. As listeners, chamber music can influence our feelings and touch us much in the same way as listening to a conversation can help us to understand ideas and form opinions. 

Listen to featured performances below and enjoy!

Don’t forget to check back with us for new content and live performances later this summer.

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