Provincetown Museum

The Provincetown Museum is a charming mix of the old and the new. The permanent exhibits retain the charm of an old-fashioned history museum. Exhibits highlight the arrival of the Mayflower Pilgrims, the town’s rich maritime history, the early days of modern American theater in Provincetown, and the building of the monument.

There is also a recreation of a 19th century sea captain’s parlor at home and his quarters at sea, a diorama of the Mayflower Compact being signed aboard the Mayflower in Provincetown Harbor, and a scale model of the first theater of the Provincetown Players.

Other aspects of Provincetown and American history on display include:

Polar bear, musk ox, and Inuit artifacts brought back by Provincetown native son Donald B. MacMillan, who explored the Arctic with explorer Robert E. Peary. Arrowheads, implements, tools, and images of the local Native American Wampanoag tribe. The town’s first fire engine, built in the 1830s by an apprentice of Paul Revere.

Significant furniture and decorative arts relating to Provincetown History. Historical photographs, postcards, toys, clothing, household items, scrimshaw carvings, Christmas cards, holy relics, playbills, and scores of other items that bring Provincetown’s history to life.

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