PROVINCETOWN — Construction on the long-planned inclined elevator that will link the Bas Relief Park to the base of the Pilgrim Monument is set to begin on May 18.

The so-called Bradford Access Project has been given new life by a $4.5 million loan from the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod, announced this week. Despite setbacks, including a lawsuit and a pandemic, Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum Executive Director David Weidner is optimistic about the project. He said that, pandemic willing, the inclined elevator will be completed by the 2021 season a year from now. The original plan was to have it ready for 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival here this year.

“We’re creating a brand-new front door,” Weidner said. “This is to help our institution grow, and an opportunity to connect the town to the museum.”

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