Q. What are the goals of the Bradford Access Project?

Economic Development – The Bradford Access Project will serve to improve the local economy by supporting the tourism industry and enhance visitors’ experience not only to the Pilgrim Monument but also to the entire town.

Improve Access from Bradford Street to the Pilgrim Monument – The incline elevator will improve physical access to the Monument property for everyone including individuals who are physically disabled, allowing them to access the Monument grounds independently.

Improve Access from the Monument to Bradford and Commercial Streets – The incline elevator will improve physical access to Bradford and Commercial streets by providing a safe and simple way to get to the streets that will connect visitors with the shops, restaurants, wharf areas, Town Hall and other important landmarks in Provincetown.

Q. What is an Incline Elevator?
A. An incline elevator is a mode of transportation that uses a multi component cable system for pedestrian conveyance up an inclined surface. The incline elevator cab operates by means of a three-phase tension gear motor. The cab has polyurethane caster wheels that glide along a double-rail hot-dipped galvanized steel track. Another popular term for this type of transport is ‘inclined elevator’ or ‘inclined lift’.

Q. What is the sound impact?
A. The sound levels will be in full compliance with town regulations. PMPM consulted with an acoustical engineer to determine what sound levels of the incline elevator operation will generate. They provided a summary based on the analysis of some existing installations in Europe. That summary is as follows:

Sound levels of the measured incline elevator… ranges from 45-57 dBA, depending on location and type of noise… During normal operation, sound levels produced by the cab along the track and the traction cable guide rolls are minimally noticeable depending on the background sound environment.

Sound levels in the range of 45-60 dBA can be associated with a typical office environment… and normal speech conversation at a distance of 5-10 feet… Sound produced by the incline elevator during normal operation is not expected to be audible unless someone is standing next to the track as the cab passes by. Clicking sounds associated with the cab door opening and closing may be audible in the platform vicinity but are not expected to be audible at nearby residential properties.

During daytime use… that sound from the proposed incline elevator will blend in with the existing background sound of the environment.

Q. What is the lighting impact?
A. Lighting impact is designed to have levels that are residential in nature but satisfy all code requirements. The lighting has been designed to reflect the scale of the adjacent residential neighborhood. Lighting is to be LED, which uses a lower energy consumption and longer life span. The color temperature of the lighting will be provided with a more residential scaled warm white. The lighting will be provided with glare accessories, which will significantly reduce the unnecessary spill light to adjacent properties.

Q. How will pedestrian safety be addressed?
A. The PMPM traffic consultant, McMahon and Transportation Engineers and Planners, has done a complete traffic study of the area where the incline elevator will be located off of Bradford Street. There will be new signage on Bradford Street to show directions to the incline elevator, the new front door of the Pilgrim Monument. There will also be a traffic monitoring program to analyze the potential impact of traffic that will take place before, during and after construction in the area of Bradford and Ryder Streets.

Q. What is the construction impact?
As the system is designed to be supported on helical anchors, the construction impact is minimal. The track will also be elevated above the ground plane to minimize impacts to the surface of the slope. In addition, the project has gained the necessary environmental permits from the Town and State to further emphasize compliance with the regulations.

Q. How will the project be paid for?
A. The Bradford Access Project is a project undertaken by the private nonprofit organization, the Cape Cod Memorial Association also known as the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. The project is on private land owned by the PMPM. There are no public funds from the town being used for the construction of the project. The project has received a $200,000 state grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council for design and construction of the incline elevator.