Nothing resonates like a personal story. That’s what makes An Anecdotal LGBTQ+ History of the Last Century of Provincetown so special. Powerful, poignant and created in partnership with The Generations Project, it is the first comprehensive exhibit on LGBTQ+ history in Provincetown.

Through documented, first-hand accounts, you’ll learn about the events and people that shaped Provincetown’s LGBTQ+ community.

A documentary video series, “Remnants: An Excavation of Provincetown,” chronicles life and death in 20th-century Provincetown, covering challenges from the AIDS crisis to celebrations like the Hat Sisters’ wedding.

The LGBTQ+ community is ingrained in Provincetown’s history and its daily life. PMPM is proud to shine light on LGBTQ+ history and further promote our ideals of tolerance, welcome and inclusion.

Learn the TRUTH about LGBTQ+ history. Make your plans to visit PMPM today!

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