The Pilgrim Monument may stand over 252 feet tall, but it is your financial support that provides the foundation. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help sustain the Pilgrim Monument and the high level of special programming and exhibitions for future generations to enjoy.

Here’s What Some Visitors Had to Say:

My family actually came over on the Mayflower and found the museum to be very exciting. Thank you for the wonderful insight to my heritage. We had a wonderful visit. –Heather, Cindy, Liz, Debbie – Austin and Seabrook, TX

Interesting, exciting, informative. We have loved the museum and the monument. There is a lot more history here than we expected. – From a Spanish, Danish, English Family

Fantastic! Really well presented and the monument is excellent. Nice to see a bit of recognition to our ancestors! – Paul and Heather, England

Hi Folks! I am from Brazil. This is my first time at this museum. I fell in love for this place and I hope we can return again one day! – Best Wishes, Raquel

These are just a few of the comments as found in our guestbook by a few of over 100,000 visitors annually from every state and all around the world.