It is spring in Provincetown and my walks through town show people and buildings waking from the slumber of winter. Soon, a new season will bloom in Provincetown and at the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum. And along with a new year comes new changes. 

Offseason work

The offseason was filled with extensive work to refresh many parts of PMPM. Most notable was an infrastructure project to help protect and preserve our beloved Pilgrim Monument. The steel stairs, ramps and platforms used to climb to the top received routine reinforcements and the Monument itself was treated to a small facelift, with some sandblasting, cleaning and painting. 

In honor of (what would have been) the revered Admiral Donald Baxter MacMillan’s 150th birthday, we revamped our permanent exhibit dedicated to him, which we are eager to show to everyone. We are also putting the finishing touches on a new and sorely needed website along with other parts of our facility that needed some spring rejuvenation. We had a busy offseason and we would like to thank our financial partner, the Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod, for their integral help with funding for these necessary projects. 

New season, new leadership

As spring is always a time for new things to grow and develop, this is my last post as the Executive Director of Cape Cod’s oldest non-profit. On May 1st, Courtney Hurst will take over custodianship of the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown Museum as interim executive director. Courtney was born and raised in Provincetown and her pride and love for the Pilgrim Monument and for what it stands shines through – she is absolutely the right person to help guide PMPM from here. 

Standing taller

I am proud of the organization of which Courtney will be assuming leadership and the many small, but incredible, steps taken over the past seven years to evolve PMPM into an institution that better represents the values for which it stands tall. PMPM has established new and meaningful relationships with the native Wampanoag, recognizing them as the area’s original inhabitants and helping tell the real story of how European settlers and slave traders impacted their existence. 

The town and Monument now have a critical economic link with the Bradford Street inclined elevator, making traveling from Provincetown’s commercial center to the top of High Pole Hill as easy as pressing a button (or two). The Museum also received a great lift with the addition of two new permanent exhibits – Our Story and An Anecdotal An Anecdotal LGBTQ+ History of the Last Century of Provincetown – and significant updates to others, including the Hat Sisters and Admiral MacMillian exhibits. 

Our incredible Board of Trustees also received new members earlier this year and continues to become more diverse and representative of the communities we serve. There has certainly been a lot of activity and effort – all baby steps – to make the Pilgrim Monument and Provincetown a world-class institution. 

Thank you

I am proud of PMPM’s work, our staff, donors, members and partners – all play a role in ensuring the Monument is ready for the next generation. Without the support of these amazing people, the Pilgrim Monument would not be able to keep standing and remain the icon of our town. 

As someone about to embark on my next leg, I am reminded that it is the responsibility of all of us to be an exemplar of what it means to be a pilgrim – someone on a journey. We welcome pilgrims of every kind to our institution and town, providing a safe space to be themselves. We want our visitors to experience the magic of Provincetown and feel the energy of what calls us to the Monument.  

I am going to miss my walks up High Pole Hill and engaging with our pilgrims from around the globe. I am sure Courtney will come to cherish her walks up the Hill as well, upward toward progress, as she and our Board continue to enhance and grow PMPM. 

I am excited about what the future holds and knowing your support as a visitor, member or donor will continue. Thank you for permitting me to be your custodian these past years – it has been a true joy, honor and privilege.

Best wishes,

K. David Weidner, Ph.D.